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Events of September

Breakfast is Coming


Saturdays & Sundays | 7am - 11am


Breakfast is upon us. The Night-watch sends word that you only have the weekends to enjoy our breakfast. Help us defeat the "Egg" Walkers, and their supreme leader, The "Bacon" King.


Staff Sorting Ceremony 


Saturday September 7th | 7pm


The first day of Hogwarts is quickly approaching and with it the kick off of the Geeked Out House Cup competition. Join us for a night of magic as Brandon sorts your favorite bartenders and cooks into their Hogwarts Houses; then follow along throughout the year as we earn points for our houses to find out who will win the House Cup. We’ll be serving house themed drinks as well as our ever popular Butterbeer!

Harry Browns 


Sunday September 8th | 1pm


End your Hogwarts "Back to School" Weekend with the Browns vs Titans Game. Come get some food and beers during this time! Bonus points if you come dressed up in your sorting house! 


Friday the 13th 


Friday September 13th | All Day


Afraid of the full moon? Or are you afraid that it’s Friday the 13th? Come seek protection at Geeked Out tonight!
So what’s your favorite scary movie???

Super Smash Bros.



Thursdays | 8pm

We’re so excited to announce Super Smash Ultimate tournaments, Thursday’s at 8pm! Updates to come!

Martini oke.jpg



Every Tuesday | 8pm-Midnight


Love Martinis? Love karaoke? Well come in for karaoke to have some of our specialty martinis ONLY SOLD during karaoke! 

The specialty drinks include:

The Classic
The original martini you know and love. With your choice of vodka or Gin.

Chocolate Martini
Creamy chocolate, blended chocolate liqueurs with a surprise kiss.

The French
They came to invade our bar with a delightful raspberry concoction.

The Cosmopolitan
Sex in the City is not a classic, but this is.

The Lemon Head
Like Metal Head, but lemons wearing sugar. *Has a piece of lemon candy.

The Dirty Monkey
Chocolatey, nutty, and COMPLETELY bananas.

The Ecto-tini 
They will haunt you, even in your drunkin’ nightmares. So who you gonna call?

Papa Smurf
A Smurfy elixir, straight from Papa’s potion shelf

The Man-tini
Classic Bourbon Manhattan Served Up Town.

The Quest-tion Martini
New Mission! Find the Secret Code to unlock. *Changes Weekly 

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